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Safety And Injury Prevention

Greg can offer a tailored program for your staff as well as ergonomic assessments, task analysis and job dictionaries.

  • Move'n Well Workshop
  • Injury Prevention/Manual Handling Training Workshop
  • Health and Safety Training: Is it KISSable?
  • Office Safety Ergonomics Training
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Task Analysis
  • Job dictionaries

All services are provided on site at your workplace.

  • Punchy, practical and engaging training
  • Experienced and qualified trainer
  • Timely symptom response and ergonomic assessment/report

Greg's Training Experience

Initially trained in physical education (including biomechanics, motor learning and work physiology) Greg has a Masters degree in Human Movement Science and over 30 years’ experience at the rehabilitation clinical “coalface.

Over the past 15 years Greg has presented literally hundreds of training sessions but still maintains a case load of rehabilitation and return to work clients referred from WorkCover or Insurers.

With his vast subject knowledge engaging style and practical approach Gregs workshops and presentations ALWAYS get rave reviews and there are three words consistent in feedback:

  • Educational
  • Informative
  • Engaging

"Safe and effective movement can and indeed must be taught AND learned.

  • Learning requires Retention
  • Retention requires Attention
  • Attention requires Engagement

To get attention and engagement a trainer needs to have the credibility, and as someone who has very obviously “been round the block”, I gain credibility with relative ease particularly with the older workers who as we know “have to believe it before they behave it” - Greg Lambert-Smith

Move'n Well Manual Handling Workshop (2 hours)

Whilst Greg has designed and presented tailored task specific training, including half or full day sessions, the 1-2 hours Move’nWell workshops seem to be the most popular. They are punchy, practical and ENGAGING


Course Description

The workshop encourages participation and interactive discussion including:

  • How do you get pain?
  • Is it pain or injury?
  • What really happens when your back “goes out?”
  • Hero lifters are idiots
  • Tough gut is a must
  • Keeping flexible and strong
  • Work tasks that cause back injury

What YOU can do to help YOU

  • Avoiding back pain – keeping fit for the job (incl. “warm up for work”)
  • Treating back pain – First Aid, Rest is NOT best!!…Keep Moving
  • Practical work
  • Health and posture/strength and flexibility (Where and How)

First Aid and Rehabilitation

  • “A pain or an injury”
  • Immediate recognition response and management of symptoms
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Health and Safety Training: Is it KISSable? (2 hours)

Most people regard Health and Safety as a complicated quagmire of legislative mumble jumble too difficult to understand and seemingly impossible to get right.  Some even regard it as an unnecessary scheme to place workers in “cotton wool”.

Those of us who work at the business end of managing injury know that none of this is true and most injury is avoidable if workers and employers gave attention to just a few main principals behind the legislation.

This workshop sets out to simplify things and unravel the WHS “birdnest” so workers actually understand how and why the specific WHS factors exist and more importantly actually “buy in” to it and become pro active safety “champions”.

The training sets out to instil or improve the individual’s ability to foresee potential injury, and the tools to confidently intercept and mitigate the risks.

One client wrote:

"By the clarity of his thinking and his overall grasp of the subject, Greg has the capacity to create a sense of confidence in other staff who are supporting the systems. I found this to be very helpful in getting “action” on things that had been avoided.

I found that Greg had the ability to document procedures in a practical way – bearing in mind the end user (whatever their education of background)."

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Office Safety Ergonomics Training (2 hours)

Course Content:

  • Definition and nature – Anatomy and Mechanics, Carpal tunnel, Tendons and muscle fatigue
  • Injury Risk Factors – Identify and control
  • Posture, positions movements/Individual Factors/Workplace design/Risk and Hazard assessment)
  • Practical Preventative Techniques –
  • Equipment Design, Posture and fatigue (Pause Breaks), Work flow and load

Practical Assessment Setting Up a Work Station

  • Hazard ID and Checklist
  • First Aid and Rehabilitation
  • Immediate recognition response and management of  symptoms, self assessment, reporting, regaining full function
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